sevenoaks, kent

Adding Space and Light to a Terraced Victorian Cottage Providing an Open Plan Kitchen With the ‘Wow’ Factor


project location


Sevenoaks in Kent.


project category


Single and double storey rear extension.


project description


I love old Victorian cottages but often the existing layouts don’t seem to work with today’s modern living. The main bathroom was on the ground floor through the kitchen to the rear of the house, which was a logistical pain, especially when a family starts expanding.


By extending two storeys to the rear on half of the property and a single storey infill extension on the ground floor to the boundary it allowed the house to expand and breathe. We moved the main bathroom to the first floor which allowed us to open out the rear of the ground floor for an open plan kitchen with seating.  We pitched a glass roof over the seating area to allow as much light in as possible, which also adds that extra special wow factor. Victorian terrace properties are known for being a bit darker, but with a few adjustments this can easily change.

AA-Proposed elevations